Should have published it earlier…

The internship is the best opportunity to challenge yourself!
I spent six amazing weeks in Valjevo! By working with children and young people in such unique atmosphere I changed myself to be a better person, leader and friend! I have never supposed how much being an intern could give me – making me more responsible and sustainable, developing my skills, making new friends and exchanging international experience. My summer was full of positive emotions, creativity, foreign cultures and fun. Serbian people turned out to be so friendly, passionate, helpful and caring, and I am really happy that I chose this country! Thank you for the unforgettable moments, AIESEC Valjevo!



Be active!

Tomorrow there’s gonna be such a wonderful presentation at the university. If you are wondering what to do this summer, you can go on exchange through AIESEC, which will surely change yourself and make the best of your summer. So don’t bother and take a chance!!/event.php?eid=158979760830904

Yet another day…

Well, today I signed for the Allocation @ AIESEC. I chose ER (External Relations), because I think I could be good at it and develop more skills in the business environment. I hope they approve of me soon! There are going to be  two summer projects – one for orphans and one for tourism. I am glad to take part as long as I’m in Sofia during the summer or if not with something done online :)) What else? .. Oh, yeah, the last episode of the Bulgarian series “Stuklen dom” was amazing. I’m glad I leveled up with watching and here is a song of one of my favourite DJs – Armin van Buuren : ( yet another hard week is coming up)

I began..

.. this new book called ” A thousand splendid suns ” by Khaled Hosseini. One of my colleagues gave it to me telling me it was very interesting and touching. And it really is. At the very beginning I am caught by the faith of a young muslim girl in Afganistan. I’m now trying to learn more about the Soviet war in Afganistan and the tragedy that was all round then. I hope I finish it soon along with my studies for the exams…

this book I read…

The last book I read ( finished it 4 days ago) is called “Медальонът” by Галина Златарева and she did amazing job… because there are two stories – one developing over the last years and one that happened more than 130 years ago. A lot of history is implemented in the book, actually, that’s why I started to read it. It’s about the Bulgarian revolution and one of its leaders – Georgi Benkovski. The author presents his whole life and I was surprised how little I knew about him. The book gives overview of the European politics during that period of time and I really recommend it to those who are interested in history and contemporary stories!

So… for today

Today was good… again busy…. We presented our project and I think they all liked it ! Now I have to decide what to do during the summer … that’s the most urgent matter 🙂 I hope to make the best choice 😛 And now I am going to enjoy the Bday party of a friend of mine! Cheers!

Project comin’ up

Tomorrow my so-called issue-based team is going to present the project for orphans that we called “Future for me” in front of the AIESEC-ers and they are going to evaluate us. It’s our first task as newies. So the projects is about the children in two orphanages in Sofia and our aim is to present to them the opportunities they actually have. For this purpose we are going to invite 4 trainees from around the world so that they could teach the children and talk about their countries. Finally, part of the children will be invited to a “vocation weekend” in Vitosha where they will be acquainted with several professions by people working them through workshops and games. Our aim is to help them orient and choose the best field for their realisation. So tomorrow will be a big day, I hope we will give the best of us!