I began..

.. this new book called ” A thousand splendid suns ” by Khaled Hosseini. One of my colleagues gave it to me telling me it was very interesting and touching. And it really is. At the very beginning I am caught by the faith of a young muslim girl in Afganistan. I’m now trying to learn more about the Soviet war in Afganistan and the tragedy that was all round then. I hope I finish it soon along with my studies for the exams…




this book I read…

The last book I read ( finished it 4 days ago) is called “Медальонът” by Галина Златарева and she did amazing job… because there are two stories – one developing over the last years and one that happened more than 130 years ago. A lot of history is implemented in the book, actually, that’s why I started to read it. It’s about the Bulgarian revolution and one of its leaders – Georgi Benkovski. The author presents his whole life and I was surprised how little I knew about him. The book gives overview of the European politics during that period of time and I really recommend it to those who are interested in history and contemporary stories!